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Coffee tables: choosing the perfect centrepiece for your living room. 

Coffee tables serve as the centrepieces of our living rooms, effectively tying together our living room décor and furniture. They offer practicality, providing an ideal space for your morning coffee, book storage, and for showcasing flowers and decorative objects to enhance the room’s aesthetics. Handcrafted in both Australia and Italy, Kett’s coffee tables are constructed from durable materials and finishes, making them the perfect choice for homes where versatility is essential.

Choosing the perfect coffee table can be a bit challenging, especially when considering factors like the room’s shape, size, your sofa, and the overall aesthetics. Whether you’re designing from scratch or adding a finishing touch, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a coffee table from Kett.

Consider what shape you need:

Matching the coffee table’s shape to your seating arrangement is essential. For long sofas, rectangular or oval tables are ideal, while smaller seating areas could benefit from round shape. In the case of 3-seater sofas, a rectangular shape like the Otway trestle table is commonly preferred due to its length and complimenting shape.

However, when selecting a coffee table for a modular sofa, you may want to consider a larger square shape such as the Erskine Coffee table that works with the 90-degree configuration, offering everyone a surface to reach whenever you’re sitting on the modular sofa.

A close-up of a modern wooden coffee table corner. The table has a clean, minimalist design with rounded edges and a shelf underneath. On the table are a stack of white books and two ceramic trays, one holding a brown glass item. The setup is on a textured gray rug.
A close-up view of a minimalistic, round wooden coffee table with three cylindrical legs. The table has a light natural wood finish and rests on a clean, white surface, highlighting its simple and modern design.


Consider how you’ll use the table. If you need extra seating options, the Otway round coffee table with a Johanna ottoman may be a good choice. These two pieces are designed to sit together and slightly overlap, creating a flow from one to the other. The Johanna ottoman is versatile, serving as a footrest or additional seating. In larger rooms, you might also think about incorporating a slightly taller Otway coffee table as a convenient side table next to the sofa.

Material and Style:

The choice of material should harmonise with your room’s décor. Our coffee timber tables can bring warmth, while our ceramic tabletops offer a modern touch.
Consider the colours and textures already present in your interior and personalise the timber using our in-house stain options. Natural, exhibition (black), light walnut, and smoked oak are all versatile choices suitable for various interior styles.

Investing in durable surfaces and easy maintenance:

Coffee tables are frequently used to hold drinks or food and should feature a sturdy surface. All our coffee tables come with a robust natural-looking finish, providing exceptional resistance to spills and stains, which is perfect for households with children or pets. These timber tables are constructed from Oak, showcasing both a beautiful timber grain pattern and remarkable durability. Despite the finish’s durability, we consistently advise the use of a coaster when placing hot items or liquids on wooden surfaces.

If you desire a surface that’s worry-free when it comes to potential staining, opting for a ceramic top can be an excellent choice. Its non-porous surface not only bolsters durability but also guarantees that your table will endure the test of time, preserving its appearance and functionality for years to come. The heat-resistant quality of ceramic makes it perfect for hot dishware without the risk of damage.

Table Arrangement:

If you have a spacious room and are seeking a shape beyond the standard square or rectangle, consider opting for multiple coffee tables instead of just one. The Portland coffee tables offer versatility, as they can be arranged in groups or used individually, depending on your preferences and requirements. They maintain a cohesive visual appeal in terms of length since they are designed to fit beneath each other or stand alone.

While there are a few guides you can take to ensure you find a coffee table that works in your space, at the end of the day, there are always exceptions to the rule. So don’t forget to consider your personal preferences and style when making those final decisions.

All of our coffee tables are now available to view at any Cosh Living showroom.

A dark wooden square coffee table with a smooth flat top and a sturdy base, set against a plain white background. The design is minimalist, showcasing the natural wood grain and clean lines.

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