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At Kett, we celebrate durability, beauty, and sustainability by utilising authentic materials, quality craftsmanship, and storytelling to craft thoughtful furniture collections. Head designer Justin Hutchinson infuses the concept of “place” into our furniture designs, drawing inspiration from Victorian coastlines and forest ranges. This creative essence permeates the entire design journey, influencing the meticulous selection of materials and finishes. The organic patterns inherent in Marble make it an ideal medium to convey Justin’s narrative of ‘place’. Moreover, its durability enables us to present it as an optional tabletop for both our Johanna elliptical and round tables.

When aiming to create an elegant and sophisticated dining space, marble as a material can instantly enhance the ambiance of a room. Throughout history, marble has consistently held a position of high value, frequently admired, and used alongside gold to symbolise individuals of elevated status. Considering marble’s enduring appeal, it’s often initially chosen for its aesthetics. However, beyond this, there are many other great benefits to why we use marble and why it’s a great choice when opting for marble as an option for one of our dining tables.

The Durability of Marble

Marble is a robust, resilient natural stone, imparting excellent resistance to scratches and abrasions from daily usage. It can undergo significant pressure, which helps to prevent cracking and chipping. Hence, it has perennially been a sought-after choice for surfaces like benches, tables, and flooring. In the case of our Johanna elliptical and round tables, we employ a 20mm thick Carrara Marble Top procured from our associates in Italy.

Sustainability at the Core

Opting for a natural material like marble is a great choice if you are concerned about its environmental impact. Marble is a naturally occurring material and typically does not involve the use of harmful chemicals or additives during its extraction or processing. This reduces the potential for harmful emissions or environmental pollution. Marble is naturally replenished through natural processes, making it inherently more sustainable than synthetic materials. While marble extraction and processing do require energy, modern quarrying and manufacturing techniques have become more energy-efficient over time. Additionally, the long lifespan of marble products means that the energy used in extraction and production is spread out over many years. To this day, we see ancient artifacts crafted from marble in retaining their pristine condition. This alone speaks to marble’s durability and ability to maintain its appearance.

Practicality: Heat and Scratch Resistance and easy maintenance

Kett recognises that our furniture, especially dining tables, will undergo daily use, and we anticipate the possibility of accidental drink spills, knocks, and scratches. Marble has natural heat-resistant properties, making it an excellent option for a dining table surface. Its resistance to high temperatures prevents damage when placing heated objects like bowls and hot ceramic pots on the surface. Its ability to withstand high temperatures prevents harm when placing heated items such as bowls and hot ceramic pots on the surface. Being naturally porous, marble is prone to staining due to heightened absorbency. Fortunately, if a spill is promptly attended to using an eco-friendly cleaning product, it’s all that’s needed to rectify the situation.

Marble is Both Timeless and Unique

Crafting pieces that embody timelessness and uniqueness is a delicate balancing act in furniture design. For Kett, it’s crucial that we curate furniture collections which possess enduring appeal and can surpass fleeting trends commonly linked to fast furniture. Incorporating materials like marble not only provides distinctiveness but also imparts a timeless aesthetic owing to its historical significance and innate composition. No two pieces of marble will ever be identical.

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