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Minimalistic home office setup with a wooden desk featuring a monitor, keyboard, mouse, coffee cups, and a pen on top. A green cushioned chair is placed in front of the desk. Bookshelves with various books and documents are mounted on the wall above the desk.

The Modern Workspace: Upgrade your home office with Kett 

In the era of remote work, the concept of a home office has evolved into an essential component of our living spaces. Committed to innovation and sustainability, Kett recognised this shift and has responded with a solution. Frame Office offers a flexible and functional approach to custom joinery, providing a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality. With Frame, you can begin to create an office space in areas both large and small and with the incorporation of additional Kett pieces, you can craft a space that makes working from home a comfortable and inspiring experience. 

Flexibility at its Core

Designed by Justin Hutchinson, Frame is a testament to Kett’s commitment to creating furniture that adapts to the changing needs of the contemporary world. As more Australians seek sustainable and long-lasting products, Frame stands out as a versatile solution that doesn’t compromise on style and what sets Frame Office apart is its adaptability. With as little as three 60cm panels, you can create a personalized office space anywhere in your home. These panels include powder-coated aluminium shelving, a linen pinboard, and the option for a Desk. For larger spaces, additional shelving, cupboards, drawers, and even a secondary desk can be seamlessly integrated. The Frame Office look book showcases 14 example configurations, illustrating the vast possibilities in terms of materiality, colour schemes, size, and layouts.

Longevity in Design

The design process of Frame Office is deeply rooted in Kett’s commitment to longevity. Just like your other valuable belongings, Frame is designed to travel effortlessly with you as you progress through life. Thanks to its innovative connection systems, Frame not only ensures precise and sturdy installation for various interior walls but also allows for easy disassembly and transportation when you move.

Personalised Luxury

The attention to detail in Frame Office extends to its finishes, ensuring sustainability, luxury, creativity, and seamless integration of everyday technology. The timber backing, derived from well-managed forests, is free from pollutants like phenols, PVC, melamine, and formaldehyde, offering a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber panelling. Porcelain, a consistent feature in Kett’s collections, provides a luxurious and durable finish, allowing you to place your coffee cup directly on the surface without fear of stains.

A modern study room with wooden cabinets and shelves on the wall. The shelves hold books and decorative items. A globe lamp sits atop the cabinet, illuminating some open books. A desk with a computer and a silver cup is in the foreground, next to a green upholstered stool.

Curating the Perfect Workspace with Added Kett Pieces

A close-up of a modern wooden panel with an integrated power outlet, located in a minimalist room. Part of a TV or computer screen is visible on the left, with a black power cable plugged into the outlet. The wall is covered with light wood, and the floor is a muted gray color.

Aire Desk: Seamless Integration with Frame Office

When Frame is paired with the Aire Desk, the result is nothing short of a transformative workspace. The Aire Desk introduces both freestanding and fixed desks styles and is meticulously crafted from a solid Oak timber frame with a hydro-formed leather inlay. Inspired by the majestic gum trees lining riverbanks, the Aire Desk features splayed legs for easy movement and a remarkably stable base, complete with adjustable feet for added convenience. The design pays homage to nature, with the soft curve of the legs mirroring the smooth riverbed pebbles, enhancing not only the aesthetic appeal but also bringing a touch of softness to your work environment.

Whether positioned as a freestanding unit within the Frame Office setup or integrated with the fixed desk model, the Aire Desk aligns with Kett’s commitment to a seamless and clutter-free design. The purpose-designed steel subsurface tray allows discreet stowing of cables and technology, ensuring a clean and organised workspace.

Expanding Your Workspace Comfort with Office Seating Solutions

Otway Armchair is the perfect solution for an office chair and if you’re working with limited space, it is versatile enough to function at your desk, as a side chair, or even extra seating at the dining table. Additionally, its optional stain finishes and upholstery choices make it easy to integrate with Frame Office and your surrounding space.

For those seeking to enhance their office space with additional seating, consider incorporating pieces like the Glenaire Swivel. Available in both a high back and low back model, the curved seat allows you to unwind with ease. Designed and made in Australia, the Glenaire comes in a wide selection of designer textiles and leathers to complement your workspace aesthetics. Crafted from Solid Oak for the base and legs, the seat cushions comprise premium slow-release memory foam, while the back cushions boast a feather/down composition, providing the ultimate comfort for a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your home office.

All Kett products are exclusively available through Cosh Living. Visit any of their showrooms or chat with one of their staff members about a complementary design consultation.

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