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A modern, minimalist office space features a wooden desk with a gray upholstered chair. A large potted plant stands by the glass window, and a framed landscape photograph of a misty coastline hangs on the wall. A small vase with flowers sits on the desk.

Australian Dining Tables

Dining tables from Kett celebrate solid timber, timeless natural stone, and narrate a story of dedication to craftmanship and quality. Our thoughtfully curated selection of materials and finishes inspired by the Australian landscape empower you to personalise each piece, ensuring they seamlessly harmonise with your interior style.

A dining table holds a significant place in your home, defining the character of your space and deserves, When selecting and personalising a Kett dining table, there are some important considerations.

1. Space and Size: Measure your dining area carefully to find a table that fits comfortably without overcrowding the space, leaving ample room for chairs and easy movement. Determine seating requirements for your family and guests.

2. Table Shape: Considering your available space and personal style, the table’s shape can profoundly affect your dining area’s ambiance. Your decision between round, rectangular, or oval dining tables should align with your space, seating requirements and design preferences.

  • Round Tables: Ideal for smaller dining areas or rooms encouraging conversation. Versatile and safe, with limited seating capacity.
  • Rectangular Tables: Best for larger spaces, accommodating more guests, suitable for formal gatherings and complementing various interior styles.
  • Oval Tables: Efficient use of space, a compromise between round and rectangular shapes, adding visual interest to your dining area. Suits various interior styles.

3. Materials: Kett sources its dining table timber primarily from American Oak, known for its durability. We also offer premium Walnut for a touch of luxury. Additionally, you can choose ceramic tabletops for added elegance.

  • Oak: American White Oak offers a light-to-golden tan colour. Oak has a tight, slightly raised wood grain that results in a textural surface. Due to the intensity of the grain, it often shows through a range of finishes, including lacquer, which can be visually appealing. As a naturally light-coloured timber, oak is the most versatile, with the ability to accept a variety of stain colours. You can even sand it back to achieve a very light raw tone.
  • Walnut: Walnut has a wider, open grain and a generally smooth surface. Celebrated for warm, rich tones and captivating grain patterns, walnut timber is celebrated for its exceptional aesthetic appeal and dark chocolate brown colour. Its grain patterns, which can range from straight to wavy, create a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication.
  • Ceramic: Selected for tabletops primarily due to its outstanding durability, heat and stain resistance, and modern aesthetics, making it a functional and luxurious choice suitable for a range of settings and uses. Kett offers a range of ceramic choices, some of which replicate the appearance of marble while others provide solid colours for a more contemporary look.
  • Finishes: Kett provides an array of oak stain colours, including natural, light walnut, smoked oak, and exhibition. Depending on your interior style, our dining tables can be finished with a lighter tone to complement a bright environment or a darker stain for a moodier ambiance.


Whether you’re revamping your space or just starting your interior styling journey, Kett’s carefully chosen materials and finishes transform personalising a dining table into an enjoyable process, leading to a timeless addition to your home.

A modern dining room with a wooden table and six chairs. The table features decorative vases and greenery. Large windows with sheer curtains offer a scenic view of rolling hills and trees in the background. Pendant lights hang above the table.

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