A modern rectangular dining table with a smooth white tabletop. The table features sleek, angled wooden legs in a rich brown finish, joined by a horizontal support bar. The background is completely white, emphasizing the clean design of the table.
A close-up view of a modern table with a smooth, white marble top and sleek wooden legs. The angle highlights the elegant contrast between the cool, polished surface of the marble and the warm, natural texture of the wood. The background is plain and light gray.
A modern dining room with a long oval marble table supported by wooden legs. Five gray upholstered chairs surround the table. A vase with flowers sits on the table. The room is decorated with dark walls, two wall paintings, sheer curtains, and a blue rug.
A stylish, modern dining chair with a gray cushioned seat and dark backrest is positioned next to a marble-topped dining table with wooden legs. The furniture sits on a textured blue rug, and greenery is partially visible in the upper left corner.
A sleek, contemporary wooden table with a rectangular top and a minimalist design. It features four angled legs connected by horizontal supports, all in a natural wood finish. The backdrop is plain white, highlighting the table's elegant craftsmanship.
A mid-century modern wooden coffee table with a sleek, rectangular top featuring rounded edges. The table has a unique base with two A-shaped legs connected by horizontal supports, all in a natural wood finish. The background is white.
A mid-century modern wooden coffee table with a smooth, slightly rounded rectangular top. It has four angled legs and a supporting crossbar. The table is set against a plain white background.
Close-up of a modern wooden table corner, showcasing its unique mid-century design with angled legs and clean lines. The table is made of light brown wood, highlighting its smooth finish and minimalist aesthetic against a plain white background.
Close-up of a wooden table corner featuring smooth, polished surface and a tapered leg design. The table has a modern and minimalist style, showcasing the natural wood grain and clean lines. The background is a plain off-white, emphasizing the table's craftsmanship.
Close-up of a wooden table or chair leg with a smooth finish, showing a connecting joint. The wood has a rich, dark grain, and the craftsmanship highlights seamless joins and refined curves against a textured, light-colored background.
Close-up view of the corner of a wooden table with a smooth, brown finish. The image shows the grain and texture of the wood, emphasizing the craftsmanship and quality of the table's surface. The background is plain and white.
A close-up view of a modern wooden coffee table featuring sleek, minimalist design with angled legs and a smooth, polished surface. The table has a light brown finish and is set against a plain white background.
A modern dining room features a round white marble-top table surrounded by five chairs with gray upholstered backs and wood legs. A large chandelier with glass elements hangs above. The background has floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets with wooden frames.
Room with modern furniture

Johanna Elliptical

A celebration of solid timber and timeless natural stone, the Johanna elliptical table is a product of crafted refinement. Trustworthy in strength yet delicate in appearance, Johanna features an engineering feat. 200kg of finessed Carrara marble is supported by intricate timber joinery, requiring decades of expertise to make.  The base is constructed from solid oak or walnut, with top options of carrara marble, oak or walnut.



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