An Enduring Classic:
The Solid Timber Table

At Kett, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional Australian furniture that stands the test of time. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability sets our furniture apart, making each piece a true testament to the enduring beauty and functionality of Australian design. In this blog post, we explore our making process, highlighting the dedication that goes into each piece of Kett’s solid timber tables, each one exemplifying quality Australian craftsmanship.

Timber furniture has a timeless appeal, offering functional utility and an infusion of warmth and a natural aesthetic to living spaces. The enduring popularity of timber tables is attributed to their ability to evoke a sense of cosiness and connection with nature, making them a favoured choice for interior design enthusiasts.

Otway Trestle Table in ‘Light Walnut’ timber stain

The Art of Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do at Kett. Our team of skilled makers brings decades of experience and a deep passion for woodworking and upholstering to every project. Using traditional techniques combined with modern innovation, we create furniture that is not only beautiful but also durable and functional for everyday use. The Portland Arc Dining Table, featuring solid curved legs, is an exceptional example of innovation and skilled craftsmanship.

Solid Timber Tables: A Legacy of Strength and Beauty

Each table, crafted from solid oak timber, showcases the wood’s natural beauty, enhanced through expert joinery and finishing techniques. The intricate grain patterns, rich textures of the solid timber create a visual tapestry that adds character and charm to any room.

A minimalist, dark wood dining table with a rectangular top and rounded corners. The table features two wide, curved, panel-style legs providing sturdy support. The background is plain white.
Close-up image of a dark wooden table with a smooth surface and visible wood grain patterns. The table has a modern, slightly curved edge design. The background is white, providing a contrast that emphasizes the texture and color of the wood.

Portland Arc Dining Table in ‘Smoked Oak’ timber stain


Every table is designed with a keen eye for detail, ensuring it complements both contemporary and traditional interiors. Each Kett design results from numerous small innovations, achieving an uncompromising level of authenticity and precision. As the Design Director at Kett, Justin and his team focus on reductionism, employing sketching, paring back, and cultivating a clear direction for each piece. This is evident in dining tables like the Otway solid timber table, designed with clean straight lines and subtle joins that highlight the beautiful timber, resulting in a versatile and timeless piece for any space.

Otway Timber Table in ‘Natural’ timber stain, (Photo credit, Scott Burrows)


Our solid timber tables are built to last, using only high-grade materials, joinery, and finishes. While our timber finishes and lacquers are durable enough for everyday use, we also offer ceramic options for solid tables such as the Otway Porcelain Dining Tables. This optional ceramic tabletop option is non-porous, meaning you can use the surface without a coaster and without worrying about staining.

Otway Porcelain Table in Natural timber stain 

Custom Furniture: Tailored to Your Vision

At Kett, we recognise that every space is unique, and so are your furniture needs. Our range of timber finishes, coloured lacquers and sizing options allows you to customise pieces, tailoring them specifically to your requirements, ensuring your vision comes to life just as you imagined. Additionally, we offer a diverse selection of solid dining tables in various shapes and sizes to cater to different spaces. The Johanna Elliptical trestle table, with its large oval tabletop, is ideal for dining spaces accommodating large families. Whereas pieces like the Johanna round and Portland pedestal tables provide the flexibility needed for compact spaces. Despite their smaller size, they both comfortably accommodate 4-5 people.

Close-up of a circular wooden tabletop with a smooth finish and distinctive, prominent wood grain patterns, in various shades of brown, extending across the surface. The background is plain white, highlighting the texture and color variations of the wood.

Portland Pedestal Table in ‘Smoked Oak’ timber stain 


Choose from our range of timber finishes—Natural, Light Walnut, Exhibition, and Smoked Oak—or coloured lacquers—Mangrove, Ocean, and City. Whether you opt for a natural or darkened stain, Longevity defines our timber tables both our finishes and lacquers accentuate the inherent textures and details of solid oak grain, while prioritising robust timber protection to withstand daily use effortlessly.


Whether you’re furnishing a cosy apartment or a spacious home, our furniture is designed to adapt to various spaces and styles. Pieces such as the Otway Timber Table are designed as a dining table however, they also make great tables for offices that require multiple computer setups.


The maintenance of our timber tables is straightforward. Regular dusting and occasional polishing are sufficient to preserve their lustre, and minor imperfections such as scratches can often be easily mitigated. Additionally, if you happen to accidentally damage the clear coat layer, solid timber can be easily refinished, restoring its appearance to a brand-new state.

Otway Trestle Table & Johanna both finished in ‘Light Walnut timber stain’ 

At Kett, our passion for exceptional quality and craftsmanship shines through in every piece we create, embodying the timeless beauty and functionality of Australian design.

Whether you’re looking to enhance a contemporary or traditional space, our diverse range of solid timber tables offers something for each style. Designer furniture specialists Cosh Living is the exclusive retailer of Kett furniture. Explore our full range of dining tables and receive a complimentary design consultation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth.

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